Smarty Google+ Plugin (English)

The Google+ plugin for the Smarty Template Engine enables you to easily and completely customizable implement the +1 Button within your Smarty based website.

Just download the Google+ plugin file (, unpack it and place the resulting ‘function.googleplus.php’ in your plugin directory.

Now, you can use it within your template file in this way:
{googleplus now=enable parameter=value}

It supports the following parameters:

size small, medium, standard, tall defines the size of the button
lang (country code in the list below) defines the language
count true, false defines whether clicks count is displayed or not
css classname default class is ‘uniq_googleplus’
href URL defines the page to count; if nothing set, it defaults to the page where the button is placed

List of country codes:

Arabian ar
Bulgarian bg
Catalan ca
Chinese (simplified) zh-CN
Chinesisch (traditional) zh-TW
Kroatian hr
Czech cs
Danish da
Netherlands nl
English (UK) en-GB
English (USA) en-US
Estnian et
Filipino fil
Finnish fi
French fr
German  de
Greek el
Hebrew iw
Hindi hi
Ungarian hu
Indonesian id
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Latvian lv
Lithuanian lt
Malay ms
Norwegian no
Persisch fa
Polish pl
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Serbian sr
Slovakian sk
Slowenian sl
Spanish es
Spanisch (Lateinamerika) es-419
Swedish sv
Thai th
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Vietnamese vi